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Panna Safari Packages

Panna National Park located in Panna and Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh is formally being renowned as the 22nd tiger reserve of India and fifth in Madhya Pradesh. By covering an area of 542.67 sq km, Panna Reserve lies besides the areas of the Ken River at the central state of India, Madhya Pradesh at a distance of 57 km from Khajuraho, a world heritage centre. Panna Tiger Reserve was being found as the best managed and maintained national parks of India by the Ministry of Tourism of India and this reputation brought the park the Award of Excellence in the year 2007.

At Jungle Trail, we are thrilled to offer our exclusive Panna Jungle Safari Packages, thoughtfully tailored for nature enthusiasts seeking tranquillity within the realms of Indian wildlife sanctuaries. With utmost care and attention to detail, our Panna National Park Tour Packages promise an unparalleled wildlife experience surrounded by breath-taking landscapes. Prepare to embark on exhilarating safari adventures that will create cherished and everlasting memories, as you immerse yourself in the serene beauty of nature’s embrace.

We recommend 2 or 3 nights package to explore the entire forest to have the best wildlife experiences. In case you wish to customise the tour, we urge you to fill the form on the page with your requirements to enable us to provide you with the optimized itinerary from our experts.

There are 2 jungle safaris in a day, one starts early morning and the other in the afternoon. All our Panna Jungle Safari Packages includes transfers from the nearest railway station or the airport, stay with all meals and jungle safaris as per the plan.

Let’s take you through what you can experience ……..

Let’s Customise your Panna Jungle Safari Packages !

About the Forest

Today, Panna National Park stands as a remarkable and well-managed habitat, housing a diverse array of wildlife in India. The park’s ecosystem flourishes with a wide variety of flora and fauna, including vultures, cheetals, chinkaras, sambhar, and sloth bears. Among its illustrious inhabitants, the regal tigers (Panthera tigris) reign as the kings of the jungle, accompanied by leopards (Panthera pardus), wild dogs (Cuon alpinus), wolves (Canis lupus), hyenas (Hyaena hyaena), caracals (Felus caracal), and various other smaller cat species.

The wooded areas within the park provide sanctuary to majestic sambar, the largest of Indian deers, as well as chital and chowsingha. Nilgai and chinkara can be readily spotted in the open grasslands, particularly along the periphery.

Panna National Park also delights in an impressive avifauna, with over 200 bird species, including migratory ones. Among the melodious inhabitants, one can encounter the elegant white-necked stork, the dignified bar-headed goose, the formidable honey buzzard, the awe-inspiring king vulture, the vibrant blossom-headed parakeet, the graceful paradise flycatcher, and the enchanting slaty-headed scimitar babbler, each adding their delightful and mesmerizing charm to Panna.

Moreover, the park’s enchantment extends to its reptilian residents, with an assortment of snakes, including the elusive python, and other captivating reptile species found within its vicinity.

Panna National Park serves as an exceptional testament to the harmonious coexistence of a diverse range of flora and fauna, offering visitors an extraordinary opportunity to witness the wonders of nature and the captivating beauty of India’s wildlife in all its splendour.

Your Itinerary

Day 1

Reach Jhansi railway station and drive to your Resort. Post Lunch we go for our First Jungle Safaris. Dinner and Overnight at the Resort.

Day 2

At Panna. We have two Jungle Safaris on this day. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included.

Day 3

This is our last day and we don’t have safari on this day. Have a Lazy Morning and your Breakfast in the Resort. Check out by Noon.

Our Standard Jungle Trail packages are for 2 nights with 3 Jungle Safaris or 3 Nights with 5 Jungle Safaris.  For 3 Nights / 4 Days Package with 5 Safaris we shall have one more day and would be similar to Day 2.

We can also customize the package according to your requirements.

Your Panna Jungle Safari

We have some of best Drivers and Guides to take care of your Panna Jungle Safaris. We take care of everything right from booking the forest permits, safari vehicle and expert guides and drivers to ensure the experience of life time. Safaris are for 3 to 4 hours. One Jeep Safari can accommodate maximum 6 People. There is a Forest Guide along with you for the Safari to give you the best Jungle Safari Experience.

Panna Jungle Safari Timings

The jungle safari timings at Panna National Park may vary depending on the season and the specific guidelines set by the park authorities. However, generally, the safari timings at Panna National Park are as follows:

  1. Morning Safari:
  • Entry Gates Open: Around 5:30 AM to 6:00 AM
  • Safari Departure Time: Typically, between 6:00 AM to 6:30 AM
  • Safari Duration: Approximately 3 to 4 hours
  1. Evening Safari:
  • Entry Gates Open: Around 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM
  • Safari Departure Time: Typically, between 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM
  • Safari Duration: Approximately 3 to 4 hours
Panna Safari Zones

The safari zones at Panna National Park are

  • Madla Zone: The Madla Zone is one of the prominent safari zones in Panna National Park. It is known for its diverse wildlife, including tigers, leopards, chinkaras, sambhars, and a variety of bird species. Madla Zone offers a picturesque landscape and thrilling wildlife encounters.
  • Hinouta Zone: The Hinouta Zone is another safari area in the park that provides opportunities to spot wildlife in their natural habitat. It is known for its unique topography and diverse vegetation.
  • Mandla Plantation Zone: The Mandla Plantation Zone is a relatively new addition to the safari areas at Panna National Park. This zone provides a different experience compared to the core zones and is a part of the park’s conservation efforts.
Climate at Panna National Park
The climate of the region is tropical. Summers although hot are the best time for wildlife sightings. Winters are cold and comfortable and the temperature generally remains under 25°C. Monsoon touches this region in July and continues till mid-September. At that time the park remains shut for tourists
Resorts at Panna

All our Panna safari packages are created and designed with minute details of the theme and with the goal of rich travel experience.  Our Tie-ups with good comfortable resorts at Panna never leave room for any worry with respect to your accommodations. From Budget Resorts to Luxury Cottages and Tents, we can get you as per your requirements and budget.

Choosing the travel company that can deliver your dream trip is the most important decision you’ll make as you plan your trip.  We know there are many choices available but we’re confident that none will offer the combination of wildlife expertise, good lodging , exclusive activities  and overall value for money and we take your trust in deciding to travel with us.

How to Reach Panna

By Rail

Jhansi (180 km) for those travelling from Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai; Satna (90 km) for those travelling from Delhi, Kolkata and Varanasi; Katni (150 km) for those travelling from Mumbai, Chennai and Nagpur.

By Air

The nearest airport is Khajuraho (25 kms.) which is well connected to the capital city Delhi & the city of Taj Mahal-Agra.

By Road

Four-wheel drive petrol vehicles can be perfect for the wildlife enthusiasts watching and going around the reserve. Rough terrain, un- medalled roads; steep inclines are difficult for other vehicles. Private vehicles can be hired at Khajuraho/ Panna.


Today Panna is the most outstanding, well-managed habitat for all those miscellaneous wildlife creatures of India. The national park is an ideal home to variety of flora and fauna including vultures, cheetals, chinkaras, sambhar and sloth bears. Panna is also an ideal home to the king of the jungles- the royal tigers (Panthera tigris) along with his fellow beings leopard (Panthera pardus), wild dog (Cuon alpinus), wolf (Canis lupus), hyaena (Hyaena hyaena), caracal (Felus caracal) and other smaller cats.

The wooded areas are dotted with sambar, the largest of Indian deers, chital and chowsingha. One can easily see nilgai and chinkara in most open areas in the grasslands, especially on the periphery.

The number of bird species found in Panna is 200 that include the migratory counts. One can find the species like white necked stork, bareheaded goose, honey Buuzzard, King vulture, Blossom headed Parakeet, Paradise flycatcher, Slaty headed Scimitar babbler for the most chirping and wildering effects in Panna.

Panna also boasts variety of snakes, including the python and other reptiles in the vicinity.

If you are a Solo Traveler or If you wish to travel in a group along with like minded travelers, we do have fixed departure trails. Please click here to check out our Trail Calendar for the year.