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Famous Tigers of Kanha National Park

Famous Tigers of Kanha National Park
About the Forest

 Kanha National Park or Kanha Tiger Reserve is one of the tiger reserve of India and the largest national park of Madhya Pradesh , state in the hear of India. The Park has a significant population of royal bengal Tiger, Indian leopards, the sloth bear, barasingha, Indian wild dog, wild cats, foxes and jackals and many others. The park has been instrumental in rescuing the swamp deer known as barasingha from extinction. At present, there are four safari zones (Kanha, Kisli, Mukki and Sarahi) in which tourists can undertake their safari drives.


Kanha Tiger Reserve is also home to over 1000 species of flowering plants. The lowland forest is a mixture of sal and other mixed-forest trees, interspersed with meadows. The highland forests are tropical moist, dry deciduous type and of a completely different nature from bamboo on slopes. A notable number of Indian ghost trees can also be seen in the dense forest. Kanha Tiger Reserve abounds in meadows which are basically open grasslands that have sprung up in fields of abandoned villages, evacuated to make way for the animals. Kanha meadows is one such example. Many species of grass are recorded at Kanha, some of which are important for the survival of barasingha and the gaur.

T-65 Neelam Female

Born: Early 2012

Mother: Mundi Dadar Female (T-8)

Father: Munna (T-17)


A beautiful female in her prime, Neelam (T-65) is the undisputed Queen of Kanha meadows. As a sub-adult, she was radio collared in 2014 for a brief period for research purpose. She occupies major part of the Kanha Zone. She has also few skirmishes with Naina (T-76) as their territories overlap in a few areas. With an impressive lineage of Munna & Munna Dadar, Neelam looks all set to carry forward the legacy of her parents.

T-76 Naina Female

Born: Mid 2013.

Mother: Mundi Dadar Female (T-8)

Father: Red Eye Male


One of the most beautiful & boldest Tigress of the park, Naina shares a part of her territory with Neelam (T-65) as well as her mother (T-8). She was given the name “Naina” not only since she has beautiful eyes but also due to the fact that she maintains direct eye contact with tourists more often than not, unlike many her counterparts.

Her home range falls within tourism areas of Kanha zone.

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T27 – Dhawajhandi Female

Born: Mid 2012

Mother: Chhoti Mada (T31)

Father: Kankata


T-27 was born in the 1st litter of Chhoti Mada (T-31). Along with her siblings, she spent her entire childhood in the Dhawajhandi , Baba Thenga, Singarpur & Malkhedi areas of Mukki zone. Upon attaining adulthood she was successful in grabbing a part of her mother’s territory. Early 2015, young dominated male tiger Bheema and T-27 were they famous pair of Mukki. During winters of 2016 Chhota Munna (T-29) took over Bheema’s territory & Dhawajhandi female befriend him. She happens to be one of the bolder females around and her sightings are quite frequent.

Her home range falls within tourism area of Mukki and peripheral areas of Kisli zone.

T-30 – Umarpani Male

Born: Late 2009

Mother: Late Umarpani Female

Father: Munna (T-17)


One of the largest male tiger of Kanha, Umarpani Male T- 30 was born in a litter of two cubs to one of the legendary tigress of Kanha Umarpani Female. Umarpani male spend a large part of his childhood in tourism areas of Kanha zone. Upon attaining adulthood Umarpani male found his dominance in Mukki. He spent the next couple of years trying to establish a territory of his own. His main rival turned out to be Kingfisher male with whom he had indulged in brutal fights on a few occasions and possibly accounted for his death during late 2016. During summers of 2017 a major fight broke out between Umarpani male and his half-brother Chhota Munna resulting in severe injuries to both.

A major part of his home range falls within tourism area of Mukki zone

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Tigress Neelam at Kanha Medows

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